Sribu Security Guarantee

We ensure that all work done by Sribu freelancers gets security protection

Sribu Security Guarantee for each of your jobs

1. Quality Freelancers

Freelancer identities (ID cards, contacts, and portfolios) undergo a rigorous selection process.

2. Safe

Your payment is guaranteed to be safe. Payment will be forwarded to the Freelancer only after you have approved the results of the Freelancer's work.

3. Responsive support team

Our support team is ready to help if you have difficulties/find problems when using the Sribu platform.

Money Back Guarantee Terms

Money Back Guarantee is a money-back guarantee feature for Clients with the following terms and conditions:

  1. Freelancers don't get their work done
  2. Freelancers do not work according to mutually agreed time
  3. Freelancers do not work according to the job description or direction that the Client has listed
  4. Freelancers haven't started work at all.
  5. Freelancer has not transferred any files to the workspace.
  6. Freelancers are proven not to perform duties as promised.
  7. Clients have tried to contact freelancers through workspaces and/or through Sribulancer's Customer Service team, with a maximum waiting time limit of 14 days, without success.