Plagiarism is the act of intentionally or unintentionally in obtaining or trying to obtain value for a work, by quoting part or all of the work of another party recognized as his work, without stating the source precisely and clearly.

Designers are not permitted to take the design concept in whole or in part from existing designs, inside and / or outside of We really hope that all designers emerge with their own creativity when participating in competitions. If you want to use an existing design, vector, and / or clip-art as a reference for your design, you must have a written permission from the owner of the design, vector, and / or clip-art to avoid disputes in the future.

Designers hereby guarantee that the works submitted when participating in design competitions on the Site are designer’s original works that do not violate other’s intellectual property rights.


Violation 1: Concept Plagiarism

- Same concept


Consequence: Will be banned for 14 days and 3x plagiarism concept will be auto banned permanent


Pelanggaran 2: Design Plagiarism

- Design 99% similar

- Design 99% similar, different size

- Design 99% similar, different color

- Design 99% similar, different color, different font

- Design 99% similar, added different elements like dot or lines


Consequence: 1x plagiarism design, account auto permanent ban

* If a winning design is deemed to be design/concept plagiarism, Sribu is able to request for money back from winning designer and return it to client