Pay attention to the reviews and ratings of freelancers

Freelancer reviews and ratings are the first things you need to check. Notice how many jobs they have completed, how the review and rating obtained by the freelancer from the previous jobs: whether good (rating 4-5 stars), moderate (rating 3 stars) or bad (rating 1-2 stars). Check once again whether the rating is from a similar job-job accumulation or a different category job

Please provide specific questions

Give specific questions about the job and see how the response from the freelancer give the answer. If the answer is really appropriate and you know exactly the answer is correct, it's a sign you've got one of the suitable freelancer candidates to do your Job.

Never get stuck for a cheap price, let alone a price you know yourself that does not make sense

Sometimes either because the freelancer is very motivated to win the bid and don't understand the scope job that he apply, a freelancer can only offer at a very cheap price.

If you want to keep trying, just please, but remember that the possibility of success of such a job is not high. If you fail, you will lose time and sometimes emotions little or much will be sacrificed because you need time to cancel workpsace, refund or replace a freelancer to resume work from scratch.

And most importantly, don't be angry or composed if this happens. You have been warned, and deep down inside, you know that the possibility of a job failing with a price like this is quite high. you just do not want to admit it, not even to ourselves. When you finally get angry and disappointed that the job failed, in fact you are angry and disappointed in ourselves :)

Before you choose to hire a freelancer, do this !!

Before you click the "Agree & Hire" button to receive the latest deals from freelancers, make sure to last one: "can it and will work on the project right now?''

Just give the simple question, directly in the chat: "If I accept your bid now, can you and will do it right away?" this is so freelancer commitment with the job you give to be completed.

The next step, you must fast response

After you hire a freelancer, make sure you are active in providing feedback in the workspace to make the work run smoothly and match your expectations.