Rating & Review are  Sribulancer features that are designed to maintain the quality of our freelancers and clients.

Rating is a system that we applied in "star" format (5 stars being the highest, and 1 is the lowest). While review is similar to a testimony that must be filled out by the client before the closing of a workspace.

Each freelancer will have his/her own rating & review that are displayed on the profile page.


What are the benefits of review & rating for a Sribulancer client? 

  • The higher your rating & the more your review, then you'll have a more trusted and interesting credibility to clients.
  • Reviews from past clients you've worked with will be very useful testimonials and reference for future clients.
  • Rating & Review give you a quality overview of your performance as a Sribulancer client and guarantees you a better spot at the Find Freelancers page. 

If you have any questions, you can contact us at: +6221 3110 6996 or email to ask@sribulancer.com.