Designers are free to take part in hundreds of contests held by clients every day on Sribu. Follow the steps below to enter the contest:

  1. If you have registered as a designer at Sribu and have passed the exam, you can go directly to the page to view the contest
  2. Use the filter provided by the system to look for competitions that match your skills, such as:
    • Design Category
    • Industry
    • Contest Feature
  3. Click on the name of the contest you want to enter.

  4. Read the design brief provided by the client.

  5. If you have understood the brief from the client, you may start creating designs as long as the design period has not ended.

  6. When the design is complete, click the "Upload Design" button. Designers can also preview uploaded designs and add interesting descriptions about them.
  7. Upload the design you want to upload and fill in the design description. If you are sure of the design and description that you entered, proceed by clicking the "Submit" button".
  8. After uploading your design, you can request input from the client about your design by sending a message via the Comments column provided in the contest gallery.

  9. If you get 3 stars rating from the client, then you will get one additional slot (opportunity) to upload a design revision.
  10. Use the extra slot you get efficiently to improve the design according to the input given by the client.

  11. After completing the revision, re-upload the results of the revised design for Client assessment.

If you have other questions, please contact us again via email:


Telp:           +6221-31106996